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The staff of The Women's Center welcomes you to discover a new approach to your healthcare. We wish to share who we are and what we offer, why you are important to us, as well as helpful educational resources. Please know it is our pleasure and honor to work with you. Feel free to call our office with questions.


Office Hours PDF Print E-mail

Monday, Tuesday, & Friday : 7:45 - 3:15
Thursday : 11:15 - 6:45
Wednesday : Out of office procedures

tel: (425) 827-0100
fax: (425)-283-5718

Patient Forms PDF Print E-mail

To help you save time we have these standard forms ready to download. Fill them out before you visit and you'll help us help you faster.

Established Patient Annual Exam.pdf

Patient Information & Health Information.pdf

Release of Information.pdf

Security Information Policies.pdf